Mental Wellness Journeys Tailored To You


Courageous Healing Collective, Inc. is committed to offering quality mental wellness services that center compassion, courageous conversations, and empowered transformations.

Active participation offers opportunities to recognize conscious and unconscious responses to emotions such as anxiety, intense sadness, and others that may “show up” by interrupting our ability to move freely in our bodies, minds, social circles, or that offset spiritual alignment. Our vision is to create a space that addresses a range of life experiences at your pace. Our goal is to continually seek balance by defining healthier ways of being that can be realized and maintained. Psychodynamic as well as cognitive behavioral techniques are utilized within our practice to address the whole person in their environment. Indigenous and culturally affirming practices are welcome and celebrated here.

Outside of, and relevant to our sense of balance and mental wellness, many people can benefit from tailored support from an expert. We offer relationship coaching for individuals who have struggled to navigate professional and intimate connections. Several modalities and packages are available to unlock the courage and confidence needed to boost you into a healthier version of yourself.

Schedule a call to chat with us about your unique needs. We'll take about 30 minutes to get a bird's eye view of what you're hoping to address and how our work together may benefit you. For areas that are outside of our scope, we're happy to offer referrals to best support your goals.