20+ years of experience

James R. Harrison MSW, LCSW

With over 20 years of experience, James R. Harrison is dedicated to supporting individuals and families optimize their mental wellness practices. He values each person’s lived experiences and utilizes talk therapy to address areas of mental discomfort that can result from complex relationship and work stress, trauma, family conflict, learned helplessness, isolation, loss and more.

James is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#71085) based in Oakland, California who has a background as a music educator and was trained across broad multi-cultural social service experiences. His work spans the spectrum of disenfranchised communities and corporate settings. James specializes in individual and family work with older teens and adults who want to address social and emotional imbalances. He has guided hundreds of personal transformations for people of color who have struggled with the day to day, and worked collaboratively to explore unique ways to thrive. The mental wellness journey he offers includes a compassionate process of acknowledging what’s already working to your benefit and taking meaningful steps toward more sustainable self-care.