your Expert Life Coach

Aubrey Harrison, Ph.D.

My name is Aubrey Harrison, your Expert Life Coach. I am currently based in Oakland, CA and recently obtained my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from George Washington University. I have years of expertise and experience using cognitive behavioral approaches to help individuals alter their unhelpful thoughts and beliefs and translating that into behavior.

You deserve to work with a relatable professional who can unlock your courage and confidence, someone who understands the nuances of complex social interactions, and can help you achieve your goals by learning how to recognize the unique skills you already possess. Have you ever seen the movie Hitch? Well, what if you could translate the best of those relationship lessons into real life? What if that confidence and passion could be present in your professional and social life?

So think of me as your new personalized Hitch, a trustworthy confidant that incorporates your unique life assessment, mitigate current and past thought traps and negative beliefs. I’m ready to join you in developing strategies and skills that can propel you into your best self.

Exceptional life coaching with us is an investment in you. Schedule a consultation today to begin building a stronger sense of self and navigate the connections you have been dreaming of with renewed determination.